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High Quality Photos Paint Better Pictures

High quality photos could be the reason whether you sell your item or not.  I’ve never bought something on Ebay that I couldn’t see well.

What makes a good picture?

  • Good lighting
  • Crisp, Sharp photos
  • Use as many photos as it takes to accurately represent your item. (This is especially true when selling used or vintage items.)
  • Crop your photos so they only show the item
  • If your photos are grainy, please use a better camera

Are your photos as good as they could be?

Auction or Fixed Price?

When listing products, you have a choice to make — Auction or Fixed Price?  The answer depends on what you are selling.

Here are some guildelines:

If your item is:

  • Rare
  • Unique
  • One-of-a-kind
  • Collectible
  • Current Trend
  • Used

You probably should use an Auction Listing.

If your item is:

  • New
  • Sold for a consistent price
  • Available “everywhere”
  • Not likely to garner enough bids to make it up to your preferred price

You probably should use a Fixed Price Listing.

Stock up for the holidays now

When we hit the big holiday shopping season, you don’t want to get caught without anything to sell.  If you haven’t already, start placing your orders for 4th quarter now.

If you sell out of products, even for a few days, you may lose sales that you won’t have a chance to make up for.

This is also true for your shipping supplies.  Don’t run out.

Stay in stock and maximize your holiday profits.